Case Studies

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  • Project Management for Development Professionals (PMD Pro level 1 and 2) courses designed for Bond, RedR and HAD and delivered to clients including DFID, Islamic Development Bank, Tony Blair Institute. These popular courses involve a range of methodologies including face to face training, distance learning using a workbook and exercises on an online platform, moderated discussions, and interactive online workshops (2008 - 2020).

    • Tailored Programme Management training for HMG staff including: DFID programme management processes and Smart Rules; Masterclasses on Risk and Controls and Commercial Capability (for DFID); Commercial Leadership (for senior DFID staff); Managing CSSF (Conflict, Stability and Security Fund) programmes (mainly for FCO/FCDO but also staff working for the Home Office, MoD, CPA and other government departments). Jane worked on the design of elements of all courses and has delivered approximately 50 courses to date. These have had a significant impact on HMG programme management capability and practice.

      • A learning needs analysis and evaluation of NRC’s camp management training programme. Jane developed the tools including pre and post-course questionnaires and interview templates, then collected data using these tools, conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis and produced a report with recommendations.

        • Jane worked with ADCAP (Age and Disability Capacity Programme) to conduct a needs assessment of the people being appointed as inclusion advisors, assessing their competencies against the inclusion standards which were being developed at that time. The tools for this included questionnaires and interview frameworks for use with both advisors and their line managers.

            • Writing high level guidance on how to use SCIAF’s Integral Human Development (IHD) framework as the basis of both strategic planning and the design and management of individual projects and programmes. This was a first attempt to really operationalise what the principles behind IHD actually looked like at each stage of the programme cycle, and set out standards to guide actions and decisions.

              • Working with SCIAF to develop their Programme Cycle Management Manual: 8 policies on topics such as Grant Approval and Exit from a Partnership, together with guidance notes and templates on each (53 documents plus examples.) Some of the material was designed to be used by SCIAF staff, other materials were designed to be easily used and understood by SCIAF partners when applying for a grant and reporting, for example a simplified version of the DFID logframe template, and a step by step guide to completing it.

              • Management of British Council events including: a residential workshop for 30 young environmental activists and youth workers; a series of meetings for a delegation of education experts from various African countries; a 3-day conference for 270 IT workers. This work involved venue selection booking and liaison, travel arrangements, visas, selecting and preparing speakers, advising on the structure of the programme, producing the storyboard with the detailed plans, communications with delegates, arranging professional visits and social activities, managing suppliers.